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Subject: Failing Gym ClassHey everyone out there, my names Matty and this is a little story that
happened to me back in 11th grade, so i was 16 at the time. Hope you
enjoy...Back in school I was one of those guys who use to always fail classes for
not paying attention. Id get detention everyday and I was mostly known for
screwing just about every girl in my grade. Yeah sure i was a bit of a slut
but my mates thought i was awesome for doing it, however failing is how my
story begins.My gym teacher Mr. Hound was 21yrs of age and fresh from uni. Im sure anyone
who went to school would also know that the male teachers fresh from uni are
the ones who flirt constantly with all the gals and normallly dont get along
too well with all the guys. This is pretty much what it was like for me. we
hated each other so much! anyways, one night when i was watching tv the
phone rang and my mum answered it. from what she told me afterwards, they
had a conversation about me failing my health unit and getting detentions
very constantly, and my mum agreed that me shy lolitas cp site and my best mate (who is alsot
like me) had to do private tutorials with Hound every thursday after school.
FUCK! i was so pissed off when i found that out.after 4 long weeks of tutes with Hound me and nude bbs lolita pics my mate were starting to get
used to him get up us about every little thing we did wrong, and eventually
we got to the sex ed unit. Finally something me and my bestie knew our stuff
about as we had a fair experiences with the ladies. we talked about
intercourse, diseases (yuk), pornography, and then birth control. This is
where the real fun began. We talked about the pill, the implant and all that
garbage until he told us at the end of our tute that we would be discussing
the most important one, especially for young men, the condom. how
embarrassing. i spose at least it wasnt my mum going through with it again.the next thursday my mate had been really sick and couldnt go to tutes as
his mum kept him home from school so i had to trudge there by myself
dreading the worst. u see, i had a little secret that for some reason
whenever i use to open a condom id always get horny by imagining putting it
on some hot buff guys cock. or when we had to put it on a banana, i always
dreamed it been some really hot studs wad. i jus really didnt wanna think
about it again this time, especially with my most hated teacher. i mean can
u imagine gettin a boner in front of ur teacher???i arrived before he did and i sat down at the desk waiting for him to
arrive. i heard the inside door known so i went over and opened it up where
i jumped back from the biggest shock of my life. There was my hella hot gym
teacher standing there naked with the biggest and hardest cock i had ever
seen. way bigger and better than any porno, holding a condom in his hand. i
instantly started to feel movement in my groin as i kept looking art fine nude lolitas him up and
down. id never looked at a real guy like this ever. his face, so toned and
what a chiselled jawlinea dn his sexy stubble along his chin. down to his
awesome broad shoulders and his muscled biceps reaching down to his large
manly hands. back to his nipples sitting on the hottest breasts id ever
seen, still looking down his wonderfully toned body with his sexy as six
pack. as hard as rocks surrounded by a perfect v shaped body with a small
patch of hair going down past his belly button. down to the patch of trimmed
and neat pubes around his massive member that for top lolita bbs pics the first time i had ever
wanted one of them in my mouth. i looked at his face and saw him standing
there with a big grin on his face.
"I thought you were a fag Matthew" he had said
"Im not, i fuck girls. i dont know whats going on with me" i pleaded back
"calm down babe, ill prove that your gay mate. its cool though, youll be
suprised how many guys right in front of your face actually suck and root
other men!" he took me in his arms and lustfully pashed me as our tongues
were flicking in and out of each others mouth. i could feel his monster
jabbing into me hip, little lollitas nude russian
just as he could feel my massive bulge through my
school wasnt too long before he had me sliding down slowly, first kissing his
nipples, then licking down his chest, spending some time on his snail trail
until finally i found his cock and licked right from the base to the head
where i licked it a couple of times. he pulled my shirt off and told me to
take the rest of which i quickly did while i watched him rub himself gently.
i dived back overe and engulfed half of his 9 inch cock in my mouth and
started furiously sucking. i cant give u every detail as it was free russian lolita videos
the first
cock i had ever sucked. it was just instinct to get as much in as i could
without gagging. it seemed like no time at before he was bucking his hips
but quickly withdrawing his dick before it spewed his spunk down my throat,
which unfortunately is wat i wantd to happen. he pulled me back up and we
started to make out again. i really thought i was in love. this is way
better than what id ever done with any chick at school."you know, this is still tutorials. im only doing this to show u a lesson
young man. show me how u put a condom on lil guy" he said reaching over and
picking the ribbed condom back up of the table and placing it in my hands.
This was my dream, every gay fantasy i had ever had, rolling this condom
down the sexiest stud's cock which i did perfectly as he told me.
"now if i had aids, u wouldnt get it from me" he told me
"well i cant get aids from giving u a blowjob anyway sir"
" no but u can from this" he said as he grabbed my hips and swung me on my
tummy onto the table as i knew what was about to happen. i knew it was gonna
be the most painful thing in the world, but i couldnt wuss out now infront
of the man of my dreams.He slammed it straight up my ass as i yelled with pain. it felt as though
someone was drilling a piece of wood up my ass. it hurt so bad i thought i
was going to pass out until eventually i started loosening up and i could
start to gain pleasure from it. It actually started to feel really good
every time he hit my prostate i moaned in sync with every grunt he made when
he slammed in up there.eventually he said he i come mate and he started pounding me really really
hard when i felt a tingle go through his cock as moaned loudly. he leanded
forward and kissed me softly before turning me over and telling me i did a
really good job today and started pulling out of my ass he tied the condom
up and threw it in the bin before coming back over to me and then another
dream came true. he went down on me and started to suck on my lil 6 incher.
after i blew in his mouth and he swallowed it all, he told me that since the
first time he laid eyes on me he wanted my cock. i guess it wasnt sch a
coincidence that the teacher i hated the most wanted to have private
tutorials with me. He was just waitin for my best mate not to show up to
school.Ever since then he told lolita bbs nymph preteen my mate that he neednt go anymore and weve been
sucking each other off every thursday. i pass my gym class with flying
colours and no one suspects a thing.
there i hope u all liked my TRUE story that happened to me. we are now
actually living together 4 years later and are in a serious relationship.
hes not my most hated teacher, hes my lover boy
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